Dalai Lama and Lauren Alderfer pose with "Tibetan Proverbs"

His Holiness The XIV Dalai Lama’s Residence 2009

Mindfulness Practitioner,  Author, Consultant

After living in India for over a dozen years, Lauren now divides her time between the subcontinent and the Americas. Her ability to blend a Western perspective with the deep spirituality of the East infuses both her personal and professional life. 

As an international educator for over 30 years, Dr. Lauren Alderfer  invites educators to cultivate their inner lives in the daily act of teaching while developing mindfulness and compassion. She has written books on mindfulness for both teachers and children. She has worked in US-based overseas schools and has been an adjunct professor in several graduate programs in the US. Her collaboration with the Tibetan refugee community in India has resulted in several children’s books. These books aim to preserve Tibetan oral genre while communicating Tibet’s cultural values of compassion and mindfulness. Her popular  book, Mindful Monkey, Happy Panda, illustrates the concept of mindfulness for people of  all ages. 

While continuing to write, Lauren does story telling events at international schools and  training in mindfulness. In 2012, Lauren teamed up with her daughter  to share their daily practices and love of mindfulness and yoga through DayaLife- tailoring wellness  sessions that nourish well-being, a sense of renewal and wholeness for ex-pats living in Asia.

Lauren  holds a Ph.D. in Global Educational Leadership